John Savage: Guitar, Keys,
  & Vocals
John Holmes: Guitar & Vocals
Brent Storms: Drums
  & Percussion
Tyler Erickson: Bass
Lanny Jacobs: Trumpet
  & Flugelhorn
Jan Foster: Vocals
Kym Wollen: Vocals
Angela Poling: Vocals

The Big Shots came about in 1998 through a collaboration of John Holmes and John Savage and was a vehicle for them to record their original music. The band mostly worked recording in the studio but did play a few gigs.

The first CD project, Walkin' In The Sand was finished in 2000 and is made up of a mixture of jazz, blues, and rock influences in songs written by Holmes and Savage and also includes a song by Steve Kleinbart. This initial project included John Savage on keyboards, guitar and vocals, John Holmes on guitar, Steve Kleinbart on bass and saxophone, Jan Foster on vocals, Philip Nakano on percussion and flute, Peter Brown on drums, Lanny Jacobs on Trumpet/Flugelhorn, John Damburg on percussion, Colleen Day on vocals, Bob Savage on drums, Kym Wollen and Angela Poling on backup vocals.

  1. Walkin' In The Sand (5:53) by John Savage
  2. Last Night In Paris (4:17) by John Holmes
  3. Blue Sky (3:53) by John Holmes & Steve Kleinbart
  4. Lullaby For Margaret (4:20) by John Savage
  5. Look My Way (4:35) by John Holmes
  6. More Distant Than Before (4:11) by Steve Kleinbart
  7. Lucky The Crow (3:09) by John Savage
  8. Daybreak (4:52) by John Holmes
  9. Nice Coconuts (5:36) by John Savage & John Holmes
  10. 8 Come 11 Rose (4:06) by John Savage
  11. Pain Song (3:56) by John Savage
  12. Long, Long Road (4:41) by John Holmes
  13. Got A Lot Of Love (3:50) by John Holmes
  14. Doppler Stew (335) by John Holmes

© John Holmes 2005