John Savage: Guitar, Keys,
  & Vocals
John Holmes: Guitar & Vocals
Brent Storms: Drums
  & Percussion
Tyler Erickson: Bass
Lanny Jacobs: Trumpet
  & Flugelhorn
Jan Foster: Vocals
Kym Wollen: Vocals
Angela Poling: Vocals

The Big Shots' second project called Old Moonshine was finished in 2002 and is made up of songs by John Savage and John Holmes that range from instrumental jazz to vocal jazz and rock. Playing along with them are Tyler Erickson on bass, Brent Storms on drums, Jan Foster on vocals, Lanny Jacobs on Trumpet and Flugelhorn, Kym Wollen and Angela Poling on backup vocals, and Steve Kleinbart on saxophone.

  1. Shadows Of The Stars (4:32) by John Holmes & John Savage
  2. This Old Lady (4:38) by John Savage
  3. Old Moonshine (4:13) by John Holmes
  4. Salt And Lime (3:44) by John Savage
  5. Crush On You (3:18) by John Holmes
  6. Softly Slowly (7:45) by John Savage
  7. Darlin' It's You (5:50) by John Holmes
  8. Grind It (6:07) by John Savage
  9. Finding Out (4:18) by John Holmes
  10. Violets (4:57) by John Savage
  11. I'm Gonna Get Away (4:45) by John Holmes
  12. Taxi Town (7:00) by John Savage
  13. Connections (7:54) by John Holmes

© John Holmes 2005