The second Weyers-Holmes CD Project, Caught Up In A Web, began around 1997 and has a blues/rock feel to it and again includes a variety of musical friends participating. The credits include John Holmes on guitar, keys, and vocals, Ron Weyers on guitar, harmonica, congas, and vocals, Steve Kleinbart on bass, and saxophone, Mark Warren on guitar, Jim Tartas on bass, Ross Bailey on drums, John Savage on keyboards, guitar and vocals, Peter Brown on drums, Alan Savage on bass, vocals and songwriting, Michael Beckworth on drums and vocals, Steve Stolpe on harmonica, Steve Meyer on keyboard, and Joe Benedictis on keys and vocals.

  1. Look Within (3:12) by John Holmes
  2. Caught Up In A Web (3:16) by Alan Savage
  3. Silent Journey (3:57) by Ron Weyers & Steven Jackson
  4. Darlin' I'm Ready (3:15) by Ron Weyers
  5. Angel (5:41) by John Holmes
  6. Yuppie Shack (4:21) by John Holmes
  7. The Other Side (6:19) by John Holmes & Ron Weyers
  8. Night Divine (4:49) by Ron Weyers
  9. Chanting (6:00) by Ron Weyers
  10. Thoughts (8:12) by Ron Weyers
  11. Look My Way (4:24) by John Holmes

© John Holmes 2005