John Holmes and Ron Weyers began playing together in the early 1990's and initially decided to do some recording of their songs at Binary Recording Studio in Bellingham. The first project, Sunrise, has a Country Rock and Blues feel to it and includes a number of musical friends. The credits include John Holmes on guitar, keys, and vocals, Ron Weyers on guitar, harmonica, congas, and vocals, Steve Kleinbart on bass, saxophone and vocals, Mark Warren on guitar, Steven Jackson on bass, vocals and songwriting, John Savage on keyboards and vocals, Peter Brown on drums, Hugh Stotler on drums, Goodson Elder on drums, Michael Beckworth on drums and vocals, Steve Stolpe on mandolin and harmonica, Steve Meyer on keyboard, Larry Tyson on drums.

  1. Candlelight (3:45) by Ron Weyers
  2. Locked Up In Chains (3:40) by John Holmes
  3. It's Alright (3:19) by Ron Weyers
  4. Million Bucks (3:20) by John Holmes
  5. Freewheelin' (3:46) by John Holmes & Steven Jackson
  6. Crowning Of A Few (3:35) by John Holmes
  7. Crazy World (3:55) by Ron Weyers
  8. Talkin' To You (4:32) by John Holmes
  9. Another One Of Those Days (4:01) by Ron Weyers & Ron Fagan
  10. Listen (3:15) by Ron Weyers
  11. Sunrise (5:37) by John Holmes

© John Holmes 2005